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It certainly has been a while. I guess I got caught up in ballroom, classes, and work. And then came that month-long trip to China that was both lovely and painful in its no-internet-accessing ways.

*sigh* My grandmother. What to do with that tragically humorous woman... She sometimes seems like someone out of a Marquez book.

I have no excuse now. I only have a very silly computer class [business major requirement... *cough*] and then... well, ballroom at some point, I guess. [intro lesson tomorrow, finally ^_^;; I still have to see if they teach paso doble there. Huzzah!]

Tried to get a job, but since I'm only in town for the summer, no one will hire me to work for a little over a month. No surprise. [The China trip killed my chances]. So I'm mostly loafing around the house. Never coming home for summer EVER AGAIN. It is literally 30 DEGREES COOLER IN BERKELEY!

And there's a fairly thorough public transportation system there that is free rather than my mother feeling like she is being persecuted because I still can't/won't drive [not that she'd let me anyhow]. I'm over that. With any hope, it will be public transport for the rest of my life. [Good for the environment! It's hot enough in the world already!] Yes, I have an odd affinity for overtly urban areas. Though nature is lovely, I doubt I'd survive long in it.

We have cable television now, which is really no big deal to most people, but we haven't had it since I was six. It's slowly but surely rotting my brain. And my parents are having doubts in any vestiges of intelligence I may possess, as I mainly watch cartoons [something wrong with that? I simply don't enjoy reality!]. On that note [as it was on yesterday] why is Grease such a classic? I don't understand its appeal.

Oh, oh, I forgot! I'm so proud of myself because I finally realized after probably a year [the lappy crashed last year, so technically, my laptop has been in use in its current state for about a year] that I never deleted any temp files! And believe me, I download lots of stuff on "Open" rather than "Save As" because I find it more convenient. So, hooray! 8GB free without having to delete more of my music [*sob*]. Which means room for more iconning stuff! Heh.

And just for kicks, my Latin dress will look like this! Predictable, no? Shiny, vaguely crazy. If only there were some yellow on it, so it could be [almost] a nerdy statement. I do hope you know what I mean. ^_~

Anyhow, due in part to cinieme and her nagging [<3] and in part to placing third in the "you haven't updated in forever" thingie in the LJ Animanga Awards, I'll try my best to make a decent icon post. [Thanks to everyone who voted for me, by the way; it was a rather pleasant surprise ^_^] No promises. The batches will probably be smaller than usual.

I'm not tired of iconning. I mentally icon things a lot, actually. It just takes me so long to make icons [perfectionist], and though I sometimes like them at first, I inevitably tire of nearly everything I make after I stare at it long enough. Many such creations are never posted. I also constantly feel the need to revise my style because my attention span is apparently nonexistent, which makes churning out batches even slower, as I like to provide much variation even within a batch.

Also, my computer, Photoshop in particular, is slow as hell. I should have opted for more RAM when I could have. {On that note, anyone know a reliable way of cracking PS CS3? I hear it is much faster...} I've been using the faster desktop since I'm at home this summer, so that should make things happier. And I'm getting a 500GB external hard drive asap, which should also make things happier. [The lappy has a measly 70GB of disk space, barely more than my iPod!]

So this was a very long and rambly post just to say that I'm not dead. And to expect something from me soon.
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