Speedbump (plafulmispeling) wrote,


I'm not dead. Just been without Internet for the most part for a good 2 weeks or so. Bleh. UPS is majorly lame [they were supposed to deliver my DSL equipment a looooong time ago].

Ballroom was good. First class today. The new shoes with higher heels have improved my dancing immensely, ironically enough. Also first day of classes today. Crazy, but pretty damn great. I'm excited muchly about my Astro, Japanese, and Hindu Mythology. The rest, not so much. But meh.

I'm looking for another job currently. i feel like I should keep very busy this semester, so you'll probably see less of me prowling around online. I might icon every once in a while, but I really need to focus on my marketing job [for which I actually get paid, sorry guys]. So this is a goodbye [for now] until my semester really gets settled in so I can kick back and not study.

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