Request time!

In celebration of the end of my midterms: Just for the first 6 people [though I doubt I'd even get that many]...

Comment here and I'll make an icon for one of your interests. All icons will be sharable unless you specify otherwise and will actually use it [Otherwise, it's a bit of a waste, no?]. I get to choose the interest and I reserve the right to deny any request for any reason [I doubt I would, but for legal purposes... o_o].

Currently in line:

{There are more comments than people who request, so check before giving up, k? ^_^} REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! [if you are a mutual friend, I might make an exception. Just ask. ^_^]
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I made a wallpaper-type thing for my friend Natalya and I just thought I'd post it here since I haven't posted anything relevant in a while... She's very fond of apples, as you can probably tell.

It's only 800x600, or somewhere around there, so if you honestly want to use it and have a different resolution, tell me and I'll be happy to tweak things a bit. ^_^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us<--Clickie!

There's also a shiny icon to go with it, if that's more to your taste.

Please comment and credit, as usual. Feedback is also great, since this is pretty much my first attempt at a wallpaper.


To sleep or not to sleep?

At 4:24 am, it really is a concern, since I have to be up by 7:30 for class anyhow.

Ah, decisions, decisions. Looks like not to sleep. The Poli Sci still needs to be reviewed. Hope that you're all getting much sleep out there, though. ^_^
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Tutorial 06: Yuuko

Going from to

Made with: Photoshop CS2 [but probably translatable to other versions of PS, at least]
Level: Intermediate [not for your first icon]
Required Knowledge: Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks [preferably], Basic Photoshop Know-how

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"Real-life" Icon Post #4

Yeah, I've got a bit of time. Homework has been lighter on me than it apparently has been on everyone else, so... ^_^ Actually, a lot of these are quite old. Would you believe... several months...? ^_^;; Mostly the ice cream ones. I suppose it's a bit too late for ice cream, but if you're in a really hot place, say... Riverside, California, it's still quite warm enough for ice cream. I rather prefer ice cream on colder days, since the ice cream doesn't melt as quick, and I hate melty ice cream.

Anyhow, I'm sorry. The Yuuko tutorial is coming. I just have to upload images and make it all come together by actually [bleh] narrating and such. It's pretty short, but I have ballroom dancing class tonight and reading to do for Poli Sci, Philosophy, and MCellBio, so... I might get around to it... during the weekend or by next week. I have been forcing myself to make around 2 icons per night though. Mostly CLAMP, but we'll see. Depends on if I get a positive response for these... ^_^

These are still rather experimental, since I don't do real images mostly, so comments are especially appreciated, expecially those with constructive criticism.

Animals [x6]
Ice Cream [x9]
Tiiu Kuik [x3]
Gemma Ward [x8]
Scarlett Johansson [x4]
Amelie [x4]

Total [x34]

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Feel free to friend me for updates. ^_^


Internet's being lame. I can't seem to hold a connection more than a few minutes. As a result, I won't be updating until it is fixed/until I'm settled in with classes and stuff... SO sorry for the delay!

CLAMP Icon Batch 6

Sorry that this is later than expected. I'm mildly sick right now. I'll spare you the details, but it's a stomach thing. Nothing serious though, I hope, since it's been going on for many years now [I finally had it checked out. They aren't sure what it is yet]. So, I'm lazy, and these are disorganized. But if you're any lover of CLAMP, you should be able to sort them out. Or you can ask me. ^_^

I realize that a majority of these are just variations. What can I say? I'm a whore for variations. Tut coming soon for 21.

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Feel free to friend me for updates. ^_^

New layout

Finally. I've been meaning to for a while now.

click to view--> plafulmispeling

It's simpler now. In a nice way, or so I'd like to believe. Navigation links are now at the top so my junk is more easily accessible.

credit to faceon for original code which was actually messed up before I wrestled with it.... I'm lame and almost forgot how to code CSS after so long of not doing it... [2 years, perhaps?] *dies*

Now I just have to make a pretty icon for it...
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Iconing Jargon

I really hate exclusion layers. Not they themselves, but what iconists do with them. So many ways to get it wrong. I cannot stress that enough. And dark blue? Overused, completely.

I feel relatively guilt-free in saying this. Personally, I hardly ever use them.

Generic Request Post

Comment here to request generic icon subjects. If you want a specific picture, there is a different post for that. So, an example of a request here would be like this:

More Kobato icons!
More [insert specific style] icons (please give me visual examples in this case)
Friends Only Banners/Headers
icons of happy staplers
Stock icons!!

You get the idea, I hope. If there's any type of graphic-y thing you want to see more of from me, just say so and I can make your every dream come true. [Not like that, sicko].

Also, you can use this space to tell me what you don't want to see more of. Don't worry about it; you can tell me that my icons are ugly if you want. ^_^